Lockdown: Runnin’ on empty

wobbler album cover

I hate to say this but Thursday’s long hours and attention-focused work left me spent Friday. I attended to my work and responded to emails quickly, but I didn’t actually produce anything. I could have, too; I have a couple of web things to work on and a story to write.

First, though, I hit the beach. Lighter rains (probably) meant less runoff where I swim, and although I was too exhausted to get up early and get there at sunrise, I joined the second, post-dawn-patrol shift of swimmers, getting there around 8:30. The water was a little gross but not really gross, probably not even noticeable unless you go in the water there regularly. So I had a good swim. It wasn’t as strenuous as I was hoping, partly because my body was tired and slightly out of practice, and partly because the water was moving a bit more than usual.

However, I hit the accustomed distance, emailed my boss to let her know I’d be getting off to a later start at my desk than usual, stopped for breakfast at Pancakes & Waffles, and got to work in much better spirits than I have in a while.

Yes. Despite a fridge full of Portuguese bean soup, I picked up a baked potato omelette with a short stack for breakfast and lunch. And a chicken katsu plate for dinner. Don’t ask me why. I didn’t love the breading on the katsu, but the chicken was well made. I’d order it again.

When work was done I just vegged. Didn’t have anything left in the tank after a busy, challenging week. I also had plans to go to my parents’ Saturday morning and had to be up early.

I texted with Sharon through most of the work day, at first about work stuff and then some of our cooking projects. Susannah texted because she published an article in the Star-Advertiser and wanted to comment on something she was peeved about. I definitely sympathized and did my best to console her. Desi sent more updates on our friend’s mom’s funeral proceedings. Ali and I texted a lot about depression, and how we respond to it. And Crush Girl and I traded texts about this place she knows that’s available to rent.

I did get to spin a few new records as I worked, though. That was fun. Still haven’t sat down with the new Bruce album. Sometime this weekend I think. I did listen to Despicable, the new Carcass album. I’ve never really been into Carcass but this impressed me for some reason. I don’t remember them being this melodic or technical. I was intrigued by reviews of May Our Chambers be Full, the collaboration of Emma Ruth Rundle and Thou. I’d never heard of Rundle but the concept was cool. Execution left me a little flat, though. I may give this another spin, in case I’m missing something.

I also revisited one of last week’s new releases, Dwellers of the Deep by Wobbler. Total late-70s prog vibe. They sound like they used to be a Yes tribute band who decided to make original music. It’s dripping with Yes influence and this is a good thing. In a year when at least two members of Yes have released solo albums, it’s interesting that a band who sounds like Yes put out the better work.

That’s it. Reach out if you need someone to connect with. The gray days of disease and dis-ease aren’t going anytime soon. I’ll do my best to be real. I probably won’t do my best to be prompt. But you never know.

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