Lockdown: Boba the clown

I’m writing about Sunday at 3:57 Wednesday morning. This is bad.

I got up really early Sunday. Now that most of the Continental U.S. has fallen back, the early Sunday football games kick off at 8:00 rather than 7:00, so I’m supposed to get an extra hour of sleep Sundays.

I guess my poor, tortured soul isn’t quite finished being poor or tortured. I slept pretty well but just not very long. I had considered getting up early anyway, to hit the supermarket and get my in-office work out of the way so I could come home and either sleep or catch a late-morning football game.

I got to the Piikoi Safeway at about six, or maybe a little later. It opens at five. I kinda wanted to get there at five to avoid as many people as I could, but ah well.

Didn’t pick up that much. I was shopping from an abbreviated list because of fridge space plus no planning for meals.

Grabbed breakfast at Zippy’s. A Surf Pac Deluxe. Yeah, it’s far too much food but I wanted mix of flavors and I figured it would definitely be enough for two meals. Which it was.

Man, I spent far more time in the office than I thought I had in me this weekend. Got there around seven and didn’t get out until after two. I had set a loose goal of exiting at noon. What a bozo. But I was doing actual work, mostly,

This means I got home in time for the ends of football games. I can’t remember which ones. Steelers and someone. And Cowboys and someone, I think. They both went to the wire and were fun to watch. Then I took a long nap and missed most of the late game, which is now really late. There’s a big difference between the last football game’s ending at 5:30 and its ending at 6:30.

It’s okay. I wasn’t really in the mood for football anyway. Plus, I think only one of my fantasy teams won this week.

I only managed 791 words on my novel and I can’t remember why. I did meet with the Skype group and I know we wrote. Was I working on something else? This is why I hate being so far behind on this journaling.

I’m pretty sure if I just open the file I’ll remember what happened. This year, I’m doing everything in Google Docs, with each day’s writing a separate document. It makes it easier to stick to my (loose) rule of only reading the work from the day before, plus it gives each day’s work its own character. I mean character as in quality, not character as in person in a story.

For dinner Sunday I had the rest of my leftover Korean veggies on hapa rice. Bean sprouts, kim chi, and cucumbers. Delicious.

Sunday I texted Crush Girl, Ali, and a couple of other people to see if their phones could display the new boba emoji. Of the small number of people I asked, none had updated thir iOS to 14.2. Too bad. I would have sent boba to everyone.

Sylvia texted me a photo of her latest gourmet popcorn purchase. I can’t get into popcorn like that for some reason. It doesn’t taste right to me if hasn’t just been popped. Although I guess I have SmartFood popcorn once in a while, so maybe I should give it a chance. The flavors Sylvia gets do look interesting.

Penny texted me to ask for computer advice. She finally ordered one. At age [redacted], she’s about to own her very first computer. I’m kind of excited for her, and she’s getting a good machine. Essentially the same machine I have but with half the storage. I’m glad also because for her birthday this year, I got her a four-port USB hub and a wireless mouse. The gift makes more sense now.

Computers don’t come with an adequate number of USB ports anymore. Remember when the fruit-flavored iMacs had two ports in the side and two ports on the front? My work laptop only has one port, and my personal laptop has two, and they’re too close together so if you’re using a bulky jump drive you can’t plus anything else in.

That was Sunday. I’m going to have to do two entries a day until I’m caught up, so Monday will be sometime later today, although where I’m going to find time is a mystery yet to be solved. Maybe the heroine in my NaNo project will take it on.

Reach out if you’re looking for some connectivity in these depressing days of pandemic. Just leave a comment and you too could receive emojis your phone won’t display.

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