Lockdown: Uncorking the wine

Remind me never to send my kids to Notre Dame.

I was awake and asleep a couple of hours at a time all night. Of course I checked Twitter each time I was up, as I have for the past four years to see if you-know-who had blown up the planet.

I was asleep when election news exploded, thank goodness. I wouldn’t have wanted to check and double-check my sources in real time. So when I really got up some time after 9:45, it was pretty much done. Still took me some time, scanning my phone while still on my back in bed, to make sure I was reading correctly, but apparently I was.

All I could do was sigh. Breathe deeply. Feel tension flee my shoulders and neck. Inhale deeply the smell of my bed linens and pillow. They smelled fresher. Welcoming, even.

I took half an hour or so to read the news on my laptop before deciding on a celebratory breakfast from the Taco Bell drive-through. It’s what I most wanted. If someone had offered me steak and eggs, I still would have opted for Taco Bell. Don’t know why.

It went well with the sparkling wine Penny gave me for my birthday. I got drunk. It’s only the second time I can think of that I’ve been drunk. It didn’t feel as morose as I expected it. It felt like convalescing. Like recovery. Like healing.

Went back to bed for a good, long nap. Did the infinite scroll of Twitter and IG. Kinda stayed off FB, where the level of discourse tends to be not quite as thoughtful as I wanted.

I actually watched the last part of the football game between Notre Dame and Clemson. It was a rather thrilling game, even though I don’t care for college football. Notre Dame students stormed the field when it was over. It was ridiculous. Thousands of them dancing and hugging and screaming on the field. Idiots, all of them.

For dinner I had leftover Korean veggies with some hapa rice. Daikon, broccoli, and seaweed. It was good.

More good energy and interaction in the NaNo Skype. I banged out 2075 words.

The Suzanne-Julie-Cindy group text was pretty happy. I stayed out of it. Strangely, there was a little Grace-Penny-Reid group text. Reid doesn’t text much, and Grace has been a recluse all year, returning neither texts or emails. Cautious optimism. I stayed out of that too.

I’m pleased, but I’m still not at ease. It could be a very strange several weeks before January 20.

Lockdown continues. Life doesn’t suck, but the year’s been rough. If you need someone to text you through it, leave me a comment.

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