Lockdown: Pitch imperfect

I didn’t get much sleep Friday night, so when I got up super early to hit the beach, I immediately just turned around and went back to bed. As much as I needed the sun, sea, and salt air on my body, I needed sleep more.

It was a good decision. I slept well for the remainder of the morning. Got up in time to pick up a pumpkin-custard pie from Hawaiian Pie Co. and a combo plate from Young’s Fish Market. I’ve sorta been thinking about that Hawaiian food ever since the last time I had it a month or so ago and Saturday seemed like a good day for a return. Picked up some kulolo there too.

I took it pretty easy Saturday day. Napped a little. Did a lot of personal writing. Finally slid Pitch Perfect 3 into the Blu-Ray player. I hadn’t seen it since the first time in a theater, and forgot how truly bad a lot of it is. Still, it made me pretty happy. I also watched the second half of I Love Trouble (which I forgot to mention I started Friday night), and quickly scribbled my review (below this journal entry).

When I met with the Skype group, we were all pretty motivated, waging several word wars in a short time. When I thought I’d had enough, I saw I was a couple of hundred words away from 25K, so I wrote some more and hit 2558 words, my third-highest one-day total this month. And I went just past the midway mile marker. Yay.

I spent a little bit of time looking up places selling Thanksgiving family meals. I’m not getting together with my family, but I want to buy my parents a meal. Maybe a large meal so I can take half of it and give them the other half. I’m running out of options and need to do this soon — lots of places are sold out, including Zippy’s and Foodland.

Tried to go to bed a little early, in hopes (again) of hitting the beach Sunday morning.

So breakfast and lunch were the Hawaiian food. Dinner was a slice of pie and some kulolo. Not a great dinner, I have to say, but I was a bit too full of Hawaiian food for a real meal.

Penny’s laptop came in, so she texted me to ask a few questions. I helped her through them and haven’t heard back so I’m guessing she got it working okay. Ali texted to say she saw the new Borat movie and wanted to know what I thought. Crush Girl texted to ask if I’ve seen a certain Netflix series a lot of people are talking about lately. Some friends have said they think I specifically would find it very interesting. I mentioned this stuff to Crush Girl and she said she hasn’t seen it yet but has been seeing the ads.

Vaccine news is encouraging, but it’s going to be several months before regular shmoes like you and me get a chance at them. This means we have to remain vigilant and safe. I admit I’m getting a little antsy. I’d like to eat out, or write my stupid novel in a cafe, or zip down to the Cannery to catch a very late movie. It’s not happening anytime soon. I’m psychically prepared for it; are you? If not, leave a comment and I’ll send you contact info. We can help each other through this mess.

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