Lockdown: Each one beach one

I got sort of a decent sleep Saturday night, possibly because Saturday was so mellow, or maybe because I didn’t watch the news. Or I guess because I was so sleep-deprived last week and my brain needed to catch up.

I still got up kind of early after not enough sleep, to hit the beach for the first time in two weeks. I got a good parking and jumped in while it was still pretty dark. I wanted to get out before there were too many others on the beach or in the water, and it mostly worked. There was an alarming number of people out there by the time I showered and drove away.

I picked up a few groceries at Foodland Farms, then hit the office. I didn’t have that much work, so I hoped to be out by 11:30. I got out just past noon and I guess that’s okay. Got home in time to watch some football and do a few chores. I think I even took a short nap.

Banged out 2322 words in the NaNo Skype. It was sparsely attended but three of us made good use of the time.

I picked up breakfast in the McD’s drive-through. I wasn’t planning to, but I’m driving with a very expired safety inspection sticker on the back of my car, and in order to avoid driving past a police car on my way to the beach, I pulled into the McD. Egg McMuffin combo, eaten at the beach before I jumped in the water.

For lunch, when I picked up groceries at Foodland Farms, I also picked up a roast beef sandwich. For a pre-made sandwich it was excellent. Ate it in the office while my software was updating.

For dinner I attempted bagna cĂ uda, thanks to a recipe Jennifer sent me some time ago. Olive oil, anchovies, garlic, butter. I don’t think I got it quite right — the photos I’ve seen look pretty different from what I ended up with, but it was still delicious. I dipped a couple of bagels in it for my dinner, then put the rest in the fridge for Monday’s dinner.

I don’t think I texted with anyone Sunday. It’s always the slow day for texts, and it was fine. I had a good, relaxing day and there was good connection in the NaNo Skype.

You got that too if you need it. Just leave a comment.

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