Lockdown: Airbag airhead

I slept okay Saturday night, mostly I think because I was so tired from Ging so much SD. Woke up early to check the last-minute NFL news, then went back to bed. The Raiders had the early game, but not on TV, dang it.

Got back up around 10:30, read the news, watched some football, ate the leftover BK chicken sandwich, and headed for the office. I had some tedious housekeeping stuff, updating our archive of completed proposals as a reference for development officers working on their own. It took a while. Also updated some software on my work laptop.

Walked across the street to Choi’s Family Restaurant, one of three restaurants named Choi’s within two blocks of the office, none of them associated. It’d had been on my list for some time, since I know people who love that spot, but this was my first time. Got a chicken katsu / meat jun combo, and a tofu spinich salad. The combo was good, not great, but you know how it is when you get a familar dish that’s slightly different, especially if it’s one of your faves? Yeah, I get Korean food probably more often than any other Asian cuisine, but it’s been feeling a little tired lately, even while I love it. Apparently the key is to get it somewhere else, because I went to town on that plate.

And the tofu spinach salad, which I got because Yelpers seem to love it, was amazing. I didn’t eat as much of that, saving it instead for Monday.

I brought a bunch of Christmas gifts for coworkers, so I spread out in an unoccupied cube and wrapped them. It wasn’t as fun as usual, but I wrapped pretty well, and gift wrapping always puts me in the Christmas mood.

I got home around nine and got to writing. Did a little bit of house cleaning, then stared numbly at my phone for a couple of hours and went to bed.

Ali and I texted most of the day about a lot of stuff. It was nice to spend the time with her. That was pretty much all my texting except sending JB a little message in response to the last thing he texted a few days ago.

It was a mellow Sunday, the sort I prefer these days. I would have liked a little swim, but I’m trying to deal with car stuff first so I can do that sort of thing without stressing. Still have some of that blasted adhesive foam rubber to take off, and next on the list is the stupid airbag recall, which I hope to take care of Tuesday on short notice. I counted my letters and it’s like six or seven. We’ll see what happens.

Eighteen days until Christmas. Don’t spend them disconnected. Leave a comment if you’d like my contact info. Texting, DMs, IMs, or other digi-alpha-type communication.

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