Lockdown: Captioners running amok

I took the first half of my Tuesday workday off, to address my car situation. Set an appointment to have the defective airbag replaced, at the dealer on the edge of Kalihi. I kinda hoped, unreasonably, there would magically be an opening first thing Tuesday morning, but it’s finally going down first thing Monday.

Then I made an appointment for an assortment of services at the Firestone in my neighborhood. First thing Wednesday.

So I had a few hours to do whatever I wanted. Used it to clean the car out and then took a nap.

I got to work at around 2:30, doing some housekeeping stuff and then the background for a new story about 13th year programs on the Big Island. I have a major soft spot for these programs, which have been successful at community colleges across the state. I’ll enjoy working on this one.

Yes, I watched The Bachelorette again. I have nothing to say except stuff I’ve already said.

Did a little bit of writing with the NaNo Skypers, mostly speed-wrote the review of Secret in Their Eyes I posted yesterday. I’m trying to find a balance between accepting any productivity at all as a positive and not letting myself just cruise. If I’m going to sit down for dedicated writing time, I should write. But I’ve been distracted by stuff like making dinner and taking out the trash and stuff.

I went to bed early-ish, setting my alarm to hit the Safeway when it opened, in case I have to leave my car longer than planned. Needed to make sure the fridge had enough Diet Pepsi, you know.

For a late breakfast, I had corned beef hash with hapa rice and a couple of eggs. It was enough food that I thought I’d skip lunch. Then the meal I considered dinner was canned mackerel and hapa rice. But I got hungry late, and there was still hapa rice, so I had canned chili, causing the mackerel to be lunch instead. Retronaming my meals.

Not a lot of texting. Jennifer sent me a photo of her TV, a still from the local news displaying the caption, “Monkey runs a muck in Japan.” Siiiiiiigh. I did a little of FB messenging with a former colleague. That was pretty much it.

Work tends to slow down after mid-December, ‘though I certainly have stuff to keep me busy. Still, we’re being encouraged to take time off. I can also certainly find things to keep me occupied on vacation, but why? Maybe I’ll feel differently once I get some of these car things finalized. I’ll be more likely to jump in my car and go for long drives, which I miss. I’m trying to think of safe ways to deliver Christmas gifts, too.

If you’re going through the season without enough connectivity, please leave a comment and I’ll send you my contact details. I’ve been preparing my whole life for a holiday season like this, but not everyone’s so happy to crawl into a cave. I’m here if you’re not the type.

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