Lockdown: Christmas errands and grilled steak

I’m still not sleeping well. I actually put myself to bed at a decent hour Sunday night, too.

Monday I got up and reworked my rejected email copy. It was approved immediately and sent around for others to okay. Took care of some emails, worked on my contribution to the staff newsletter, and took a few hours off to finish Christmas shopping stuff.

Things took a lost longer than I expected. The line at the credit union to use the ATM was crazy. I gave up, jumped back in my car, and headed for a no-fee ATM near my parents’ house. No line there, but the line to get my car into a spot was a bit annoying.

I got a lot done, but it was only half my to-do list.

It was nice zooming around the island in my newly-tuned car. I listened to Bruce Springsteen’s Born to Run on my way out and The Night Flight Orchestra’s Aeromantic on my way back.

Got back to work, editing a thing for the med school.

I don’t remember what I did between the end of work and the dedicated writing time, but it was probably unproductive. I did a track-by-track evaulation of the debut album by ARO (that’s Aimee Osbourne, Ozzy’s eldest daughter, the one who refused to be part of the reality show because she wanted a normal life), the first time I’ve tried to review an album like this while I’m spinning it for the first time.

The result was really more pre-writing than writing. Lots of fragments and ideas but no real prose. Good lesson, though. I think a second listen while I’m writing more stuff beneath what I started with could make a good review.

Spent some time sketching a plan for the next few days. Asked for a few more hours off in the middle of the workday Tuesday. Drove to Penny’s so she could throw something through my rear window. Did some cleaning and went to bed late.

Breakfast was the uneaten Subway sandwich from Sunday. It was kind of gross but also pretty good. Lunch, grabbed on the way home from Christmas errands, was a few tacos from the Taco Bell drive-through. I planned to skip dinner but got pretty hungry late. Drove to Bob’s on Dillingham and got a grilled steak. The place is super inconsistent: sometimes it’s excellent and sometimes it’s not good. I’m talking for the same order, on different visits. Anyway this time it was excellent.

Texted Ali a few times and didn’t hear back. Crush Girl and I texted a few times about Christmas shopping and the book I loaned her, which she’s midway through.

Here’s your daily reminder that you needn’t go through this pandemic disconnected. Leave a comment if connectivity you lack. I got your back.

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