Lockdown: The greatest among you shall be your soft-servant

The days have a sameness I saw coming back in March. It’s one reason I was determined then to log certain things, to separate one day from the previous with projects and goals and updates on trivialities. Also to avoid falling into bad tendencies, such as the predilection for staying in bed two weeks at a time.

Because Monday I only got half my errands done, I took a few hours off Tuesday morning as well, and continued the tasks. So as unusual as a day like Tuesday is, it looked and felt nearly identical to Monday. The details were different, as were a couple of the frustrations, but as Tuesday wound down, all I could think was that it was like a redo of Monday.

I got up. Finished up this story I’m working on and submitted it. Had a phone meeting with a development officer about two stories I’m working on for his department. It was a normal call and the stories are pretty straightforward. Typed up a few notes and sent my supervisor an update.

Around lunch time I got in my car and zipped around town, finishing up the Christmas shopping. Parts of it were frustrating, as these errands often are, but parts were quick and easy. I was in the area, so I poked my head into Ohana Hale Marketplace to see if I could grab food and eat it on the car, but yikes. That place was packed, and there were people everywhere with masks off (because they were eating) or not covering their noses (because they were idiots). I’m shuddering just remembering it. I couldn’t get out of there quickly enough.

With everything pretty much done, I still had some time for a late lunch. I opted instead for soft-serve. There’s a spot in industrial Kalihi, right behind the Nissan dealership where last week I got the airbags replaced, and I’d never been to this spot. They have an original location in Aiea I have been to.

Ordered a s’mores soft-serve, which was chocolate soft-serve with little marshmallows, graham cracker crumbs, several medium-sized toasted marshmallows on a skewer, and a gigantic Oreo cookie. I could have done without the little mallows, and the Oreo was terrible, but the rest of it was quite outstanding.

Got back to my desk and tried to work, but I had enormous difficulty focusing. Spent most of the rest of my day throwing around ideas for this Valentine’s Day card I’m working on for one of the departments, in anticipation of a meeting I was supposed to have about it the next day.

When work was done I just crashed. Like comatose before hitting the pillow crashed. So, so tired.

I got up to write a little, but decided the best way to use my time was to go to bed, around one-ish, I think. I had planned to stay up and finish wrapping gifts, then make a late-night run to the post office.

Instead, I got up at 4:30, stuffed six Priority Mail envelope mailers, loaded up the car, and headed for the Makiki post office. Got there around six . Yeah, I don’t know where the time went, but I know it was six because I checked, and because that’s when I got there a week ago on my way home from the laundry to maile that first batch of gifts.

Aaaaand I think it went smoothly. Which cannot be taken for granted, since last week I sent two friends (who don’t know each other) each other’s gifts. Uggggh. The late drive to Penny’s Monday night was to fetch one. The other’s on its way back to me from Kauai. That recipient just did a return-to-sender for me, so she didn’t have to pay any postage.

I’m not done. I have to more Priority Mail boxes to send out, hopefully Thursday morning early. I’m going to do a grocery store run as soon as I finish typing this, then pack those boxes up. I already paid for the postage, so if all goes well, I just stick those labels on these boxes and drop them in the self-serve dropoff Thursday. Yee-haw.

Breakfast was more of the kale-quinoa stuff, with a couple of fried eggs and a little bit of extra-sharp cheddar. It was yummy. Lunch was the soft-serve and a hot dog (it was a combo, okay?). Dinner was a bowl of pasta with jarred sauce, vodka, red pepper flakes, a little bit of sugar, dried garlic chips, blue cheese, and a mess of steamed kale. It was quite delicious. I would eat this every other night if there were no negative consequences.

Texted a few friends for addresses. I have their addresses, but it’s easier and faster just to ask. Gwen and I texted while I ran my errands; she needed some Mac help I’m no longer qualified to give, but I did my best. Crush Girl texted me a link to this great photo essay in one of the national papers. Amazing photos. Now I want to go to northern Europe for the winter.

Time to hit the grocery.

Do not go through pandemic sameness alone. Leave a comment if you’re not feeling connected. I’ll send you contact info. We’re going to get through this. You’re going to get through this. Don’t go through it alone, even if that’s your inclination, as it is mine!

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