Lockdown: Hiber nation

I’ve often said there are two times a year I wake up and feel the absence of another person in the bed next to me. Christmas morning and some other random morning during the year. I didn’t feel it Friday morning, perhaps because I’ve had no in-person social interaction for nine months. I don’t know what the connection might be, but I think there is one.

I kind of felt flashes of it Saturday, the day after Christmas, as I moved through my day, hibernation-like, with no tasks or ambitions. I got up in the late morning, read the news, looked at a few blogs, did the crossword puzzle (unsuccessfully), and browsed Amazon. Made myself a pan-fried ahi filet with the Mitchell Street seasoning and a fresh pot of quinoa. The seasoning worked well with fish. I don’t think I prefer it to just pepper and kosher salt, but it’s a nice changeup.

Some time after breakfast, I went back to bed, not necessarily to sleep, but if sleep came upon me I wasn’t going to chase it off. A little bit of phone-staring, a little bit of reading, a lot of napping, and no stress. I soaked it up and rolled around in it.

I got up at four in the afternoon and thought I could do a few chores and make a run for the beach. When I got outdoors to grab something from the car, I was snapped into Saturday’s reality for the whole island. It had rained all day. All that cozy napping? Turns out it was the perfect day for it, and I guess a lot of us were.

Not wanting to swim in runoff, especially with the winter mostly being dry enough so far, I gave that idea up and played around a little more with my phone. Spent a little bit of time writing, then paying bills. I think I may have taken another nap.

Around eight I drove to Liliha Bakery and brought home another meat loaf plate. The last one had been six days earlier, which I consider at least not a condemnable interval.

I did a few more chores and then I don’t know what happened. Most likely I reclined in my bed and fell asleep and didn’t wake up until about three, with lights and other normally unplugged applicances still running. Ugh. Got up to at least shut the house down and went back to bed.

Jennifer texted me a link to an article about a coffee drip pot. I’m interested but since I’ve cut way, way down on coffee I need to file this away until maybe I’ve got my BP in a better place. I’ve been testing normal lately, but that’s with daily meds.

JB texted me something about the Dolphins-Raiders football game, but all the Saturday games were on the NFL Network, which I don’t have, so I didn’t know what he was talking about. Ali has already begun reading Mr. Penumbra’s, the book I gifted her, and had a few early thoughts. I love getting responses to the actual books I gift, even if the recipient responds negatively. In this case it was positive, I think. She said something like, “This is such a Mitchell book.” I wanted to say, “No I’m reading a Mitchell book — Utopia Avenue. You’re reading a Sloan book.”

Crush Girl and I traded a few very short texts about what I’m reading and how she was spending her day. Reading!

Daily reminder that you don’t need to go through this miserable winter of our discontent disconnected. Leave a comment if you need someone to connect with. I’ll send contact details.

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