Lockdown: Forgettable Thursday

It’s just struck midnight Saturday night as I write about Thursday. Was hoping to get caught up Saturday but I didn’t feel well most of the evening and just didn’t have the energy. So we’ll see about getting caught up Sunday.

Thursday was difficult! In bed at six in the morning and up for work at nine will do it. Now that my work was in, there was very quick movement on the stories. Different stakeholders chimed in with edit suggestions and I paid attention, but mostly this story’s been taken out of my hands and it’s between the donors and the office working with the donors. It was nice mostly to just watch the activity shoot by on my email screen.

There were some late edits to the staff newsletter. I didn’t get to them until Thursday around lunchtime because I was so tired, but that went fairly smoothly too.

I slept during my lunch break, and I may have taken an extra half an hour. I was so tired.

Got up in time for the 2:00 department Zoom meeting, which was interesting but it went a full hour. Then there was an advancement meeting, which I’m not really part of but invited to attend, and I really want to be aware of what our fundraisers are talking about, so I sat in on that Zoom meeting too, and that went a full hour.

I am not built for consecutive one-hour meetings. Not even virtual. Not even when I’m not on video or audio for the second. So it was a struggle.

Guess what I did when I was done with work? Yep. Right to bed. I didn’t crash quite as easily as I do most evenings lately. Took me a while to wind down and accept in my brain that I didn’t have anything urgent to deal with.

I think I got up around 9:30, kind of hungry. I made a kimchi stew and caught up on some online reading. I don’t remember what time I went to bed, but it was later than I wanted, yet early compared to the rest of this week. I guessing it was around one or two.

Oh yeah. Breakfast was Taco Bell. I have to say it kept me going through a tough day, and was filling enough that I didn’t eat again until the kimchi stew at ten in the evening. I’m thinking I should really look up the nutrition info on these things but maybe I don’t want to know.

Penny texted to ask when she could drop of my birthday gift. It was a group text with Grace. I think they worked it out privately. I told her I was going to the office sometime Sunday so I’d come by her place at some mutually convenient time. Sharon texted me briefly to see if I was in the second Zoom meeting, which I was. Crush Girl texted me to talk a little about some of her work stress. Then we talked a little about books. She’s been on a little YA kick lately, which of course I’m always interested in.

Honestly it was a forgettable day and that’s utterly fine with me after what has been a stressful, miserable week.

Daily reminder: if you want someone to connect with in these lockdown days, just leave a comment. I’ll send you some contact deets. And yes, I’m going to keep saying this until most of us have needles in our arms.

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