Lockdown: Not the greatest but still pretty good

It’s three hours after I began my write-up of Thursday. Three in the morning Sunday. And I’m still wide awake. This happens sometimes when one spends a great portion of Saturday in bed.

I probably won’t finish this before I do crash, though, but I figure I may as well get it rolling.

I slept, but not well Thursday night. Got up a little late Friday and hit the drive-through at McD’s for breakfast. Actually, I returned emails first while I quizzed myself on how I might feel if I went to Taco Bell for breakfast on a second consecutive morning. I ran through my mental Rolodex of places to get breakfast on a work day and nothing got me excited, but neither did anything in the pantry, so I waited until it was time for breakfast to be over at McD’s, then dashed down for a Big Mac combo (which I haven’t had in a couple of weeks).

Oh it was so good.

I posted a story to our website then submitted an invoice and worked on some student profiles I’ve been on for a month or so. Ate lunch at my desk (spicy Chicken McNuggets) and grabbed a short nap, then in the last couple of hours one of the development officers asked me for some (supposedly) final edits on a proposal we’ve been working on together for more than a month.

We worked through that and had a phone call, and then it was done and so was the longest workweek of the lockdown.

I spent most of Friday evening staring dumbly at my phone and playing dumb phone games. Read the news, did Saturday’s crossword in fifteen minutes, worked on some ideas for a writing project, and took a nap. Woke up and had kimchi stew for dinner. I made it with Portuguese sausage instead of fresh meat because it’s late in the every-other-week grocery cycle.

Yeah, I know I went to the grocery store last Friday morning, specifically for meat, but now it was (of course) consumed — and just in time for the pork I cooked Thursday. It’s actually not crazy to use a processed or even canned meat for this. There’s a Korean dish called army stew (or army base stew), developed after the Korean war when food was scarce in South Korea and people got by on surplus U.S. army food. We’re talking canned beans, Vienna sausage, and Spam.

So it wasn’t the greatest but it was still good, and culturally pretty faithful.

Sent Crush Girl a quick text to say happy weekend and to ask what she’s looking forward to. She sent me a photo of the book she picked up at the library. More YA stuff from an author she really likes now. Jennifer and I traded some texts about what we’re drinking this weekend. Haha. I can’t ask what she’s reading because she claims not to read anymore. I texted Sharon kind of late when it occurred to me she might not know that in Zoom calls, when you send direct private messages, the meeting hosts can see the messages. She didn’t know. I’m glad I informed her. I found out my friend (and former colleague) Dawn is having shoulder surgery — we talked about it in IG DMs for a while, then moved it to texts so I could have her number in my phone. Her surgery’s Tuesday and I told her I’d send her a little encouragement and say a little prayer.

I already wrote this, but Friday I spun the new Soen album five or six times. It’s really good. I also spun the new Accept album (which I think I also wrote). Friday’s other potentially interesting drops are new albums by MSG and this group called Pounder.

If you’re feeling untethered, there’s no need to. Leave a comment and I’ll send you come contact means. Don’t go through the pandemic disconnected if you don’t want to.

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