Lockdown: Vader, alligator

My sleep Wednesday night was especially bad, which is a disappointment, because I got my replacement stuff for Darth Vader, and everything felt more comfy. I know because I tried it out during my lunch nap Wednesday. I had to set everything up at mid-day, knowing if I waited until bedtime, I would be too lazy to do it.

Wednesday night I was all set up and ready to go, but wanted to read some news on my phone before turning in. Aaaaaand I fell asleep like that, with Darth Vader on the mattress next to me. Great.

I woke up a couple of hours before my alarm, put everything on correctly (again noting how slightly more comfy things felt) and slept well for two hours.

I really hate myself sometimes.

I took a little while Thursday at my desk to find my work mojo, but once I got into my groove, I was kind of cruising. Submitted a first draft of my UH Hilo story right before my one-on-one with my supervisor, during which we discussed how that story looks. Then we had our departmental Zoom call, with just three of us, to work on some strategic planning responses.

My supervisor liked the draft, so before I sent the draft to the development officer working with the donors, I had to give her a call. It had been on my list for a few weeks to call her. We got caught up in some awkwardness a couple of months ago, and I wanted to make sure we were cool. She assured me we were, and I was relieved.

Yes, I had the impeachment proceedings on the TV as I worked. There was some disturbing stuff. I mean, the entire thing is disturbing, but I thought Thursday’s stuff was especially so. I wonder if the Republicans would be speaking differently if Congress members had been taken hostage, tied to chairs and terrorized. Or if there had been a shootout when aggressors got too close to the Vice President. Would they be so reluctant to vote for conviction? Because if they would, they’re saying the only difference is that the aggressors were ultimately unsuccessful. This is flawed thinking, because the issue at trial is whether 45 incited the riot. Whether the rioters killed just one police officer or took Senators hostage is irrelevant: did the outgoing officeholder stir them to action?

And even if he didn’t, his words and actions, while completely in character, were so unsightly and disgusting, I can’t believe he still has esteemed members of Congress backing him up. It’s so wrong.

I spent my evening after work reading the news, working some puzzles, listening to podcasts, and spinning a few records I can’t remember. I did some journaling, worked some easy chores, and considered options for the weekend.

I had anot her phone call from Reid for advice on his son’s homework. Anto texted me some photos from the calendar I gave him as a Christmas gift, which led to a brief conversation.

Later, I sent him a photo of my own calendar, which was related. His calendar is Middle Earth trivia. My movie trivia calendar asked me to identify the most recent sequel to win a Best Picture Oscar. “Easy,” I said through my still-half-asleep haze as I arrived at my desk Thursday morning. “The Return of the King.” I flipped the page to check my answer, and my calendar said I was wrong! It said the correct answer is The Silence of the Lambs, which was like fifteen years earlier. I was so irritated.

Don’t tell anyone, but I also wouldn’t have remembered that The Silence of the Lambs was a sequel. *blush*

Thursday I also texted Crush Girl, asking if she was okay. She’s been especially quiet lately. It led to a very short conversation, but at least part of it was about books, so that made me happy.

Okay, I was naughty for breakfast-slash-lunch. I made a rather large pot of angel hair pasta with jarred red sauce (with red pepper flakes, brown sugar, gin, dried minced garlic, and some cheddar cheese) and ate the whole thing over the span of a few hours. Don’t tell my doctor.

For dinner I made kimchi stew. In between there were some dried apricots, ‘though I forgot to have clementines, so my potassium intake wasn’t quite what I’ve been shooting for. And right before I got ready for bed (again, far too late into the evening) I got extreme munchies so I made one and a half microwave quesadillas. The only reason I didn’t have two quesadillas is I ran out of cheese.

Don’t panic. It’s on the shopping list. I can make it to Sunday night on just a wedge of past-dated blue cheese if I must.

That’s it. Get out of here. And don’t forget to leave a comment if you need someone to connect with. Long weekend ahead and that virus is still out there doing its thing. Don’t be alone.

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