Lockdown: Someny things to eat

Slept okay Monday night. Got like four hours uninterrupted then another hour. Got off to a slow start at work but found a groove in the late morning. Again took my lunch nap earlier than usual because of the jackhammerers. This delayed my working breakfast until like 1:30, when I had a rather large serving of lomi salmon. I’m pleased with it, but wish the recipe I followed didn’t call for a 24 ounce salmon filet. It was pricey, for one thing. And it’s way too much food for me.

After work I took a really hard nap. Woke up a little groggy but quite refreshed, so I kind of got back to work. Wanted to finish this thing someone asked for.

My late lunch was a couple of hot dogs with mustard, ketchup, and sauerkraut. My late dinner, eaten as I wrote my lockdown recap, was sort of a little of this and a little of that, separated by long breaks. My appetite was kind of crazy for some reason. Started with some cold somen with Pietro’s miso dressing. I made a couple of pork carnitas tacos. Ate some dried apricots. Zapped a couple of lazy quesadillas. Yeah, it was insane.

I don’t really know where the day went, but that was about it. I guess working, napping, working, and eating everything in sight will pass the time.

Crush Girl and I texted all day about food, working from home, and more food. It was a food kind of day. Sharon texted to ask if I’ve heard of this Elisa Lam true crime thing and I hadn’t. I went through a couple of true crime phases, one in the early nineties when I read a lot of serial killer books as research for a novel I still plan to write. Again in the early 2000s when I got hooked on some Dateline things, plus Reid got me into the Paradise Lost documentaries.

I decided one night while trying to listen to the Serial podcast’s first season that I was done with the genre. I didn’t see any real meaning in it, and I think losing myself in that kind of negativity isn’t good for me. Which I shared with Sharon. Sylvia and I office-Skyped about getting vaccinated — we both have appointments now. Heard back from a few more people about what they’re reading.

Get thee to a nunnery. And hit the comments if you need someone to connect with. Pandemic sucks. Pandemic without any human connection sucks worse.

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