Lockdown: Lasso is all I ever want, Ted

I slept quite well Friday night into Saturday. Yeah, I went to bed close to 4:30, but I got six and a half hours with one interruption midway. Then later in the day a good one-hour nap. I’ll take it.

I think breakfast was clementines and dried apricots, plus the last of the leftover chicken from Chicken & Brisket.

I can’t remember exactly when I watched the first four episodes of Ted Lasso again; was it Friday night or Saturday day? Details are a haze of emotions. I know I was feeling terrible, about that stuff I wrote the other night, the I-spent-a-year-locked-in-my-house-and-this-is-what-I-have-to-show-for-it feeling. Fifteen minutes into the first episode and I was feeling a lot better.

Whenever it was, it continued Saturday late afternoon.

I had a bunch of empty bottles and cans, so I drove to the strip mall for boba (pineapple black tea with mini boba, 50% sweetness) and drank in my car as I watched a couple more episodes. And since I was down there anyway, I got some takeout from McD’s. It was meant just to be a snack, but it turns out a couple bacon McDoubles is pretty darn filling. In my car. With Ted Lasso.

I took four large plastic takeout bags full of bottles and cans to the bus stop. I tied them to the trash bin, saying a little prayer for whoever claimed them.

Came home, napped a little, vegged a little, and blanched two heads of broccoli (one large and one small). Delicious. Chased the broccoli with a reasonable portion of angelhair pasta, with olive oil, butter, lime juice, and capers. ‘Twas yummy.

I watched more Ted Lasso and finally crashed at around 6:00 Sunday morning. Yow.

It appears I didn’t do any texting Saturday. Weird. I didn’t even notice.

It’s nearly 10:00 in the evening Monday as I write this and I think I’m going to go write into my Sunday recap.

Leave a comment if you need someone to connect with. The end is in sight, but it’s still a ways off. You don’t want to go through it without someone.

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