Lockdown: Leon me

Friday was quite a bit like Tuesday and Wednesday, except I got up earlier on even less sleep. I really abuse myself Fridays because I figure I’ll just recover on weekends. It’s not a good way to live.

Amazon has been great to me all year. So great that I gave my letter carrier a nice gift card near the end of summer to say thanks. But something I ordered kind of disappeared off the tracker last month, and when it was more than a week late I asked for a refund. Then of course it showed up a few days after that. I had to ship it back, via UPS.

The nearest UPS store is on Bishop Street downtown, and it opened at 7:30. I’m feeling good about the world being a bit safer these days, but not so much safer I’m eager to roam around downtown with its throngs. 7:30 it was, then. Parked at the post office, shipped the dang box, grabbed a doughnut at Mr. Donut, then a macadamia nut latte at Kai Coffee, and enjoyed both on the trunk of my car.

There are a lot of things to miss about working downtown, and the coffee selection is near the top of the list. They’ve temporarily closed the Starbucks a few doors down from the UPS store. I didn’t check on the other Starbucks a few doors down (one block, actually) on the same street, but I imagine that one’s still going. The one on Alakea is closed and moved out, but it looks like they opened one in the Central Pacific Bank where I hear they’ve also opened a bar.

I hit the Taco Bell drive-through on my way home because what kind of breakfast is a doughnut? You need beans, meat, and eggs in a tortilla and a large Diet Pepsi with extra ice to really make it a breakfast.

Work was mostly on that late proposal for the athletics department. I had to ask a coworker how to do this Photoshop thing everyone else I work with knows how to do but which I’ve never asked to learn, so I spent a little bit of time practicing that. Gave me a good chance to email my coworker on Kauai, with whom I get along very well.

Did the after-work crash, but this time when I woke up I didn’t do work. It was Friday! I phone-vegged a little, listened to podcasts, which I’d fallen behind on this week, and ate leftover fried chicken for dinner. Man, that’s good chicken.

The new Kings of Leon album dropped Friday, so I listened to it all day. There’s nothing especially grabby on the album, not like on their other albums, but it’s still a really good listen, especially as background when one is working or writing.

I know I did a little bit of writing Friday night, but I don’t remember anything else. Except that I didn’t get to bed until about 4:30 in the morning. I don’t even know where the time went. I was quite annoyed with myself.

I texted Jennifer for a little while about alcohol and vaccinations. Sharon and I texted a little during the day about work stuff, but it started with my asking her if she’d heard the new Kings of Leon album yet. When we first became friends at work and mutually followed each other on social media, I saw she had a photo at the Kings of Leon concert a few years earlier, which I also attended. It was when I worked at the engineering firm, making enough bank to go to as many shows as I wanted, pretty much.

I don’t think Crush Girl had a very good Friday. I tried to be pleasant texting company, but I don’t think I was very successful. It’s too bad. I’m writing this Sunday night and I pretty much left her alone all weekend; I had a feeling she needed some her-time and thought I’d be there if she needed me. She didn’t! She seldom reaches out during a weekend, which I totally get.

I was feeling super blah Friday night, surely a product of serious sleep deprivation, but also some of the stuff I wrote Saturday night when I journaled about Thursday. When I finally did lay me down to sleep, I dropped right off and slept the sleep of a thousand hibernating bears.

Resolutions, next post. Oh and also I plan to rant a little about the meaning and purpose of laws, and why I dislike them both.

Leave a comment if you need a someone. To reach out to when the pandemic gets disjointy. I’ll send you some contact info.

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