Lockdown: Grated, sweetened, and steamed

It’s very late Sunday night and I can’t get my brian to settle down, so I’m going to flick my fingers at the keyboard and see if anything meaningful comes out. And if it doesn’t, hopefully just the activity and exercise will be enough to put everything at ease.

I only got a few hours of sleep Friday night, but I was determined to call the folks, whom I hadn’t spoken to since the day I left their house after sitting their dog. Something like two weeks. It had been on my list; I just didn’t get to do it because I’d been getting out of bed so late.

So I gave them a call and told them I’d received my first shot. We didn’t chat long. Just reestablished contact, you know? It won’t be too long before I’m going over regularly again. I think we can all feel it.

Caved in to carnal desires and got breakfast-slash-lunch at Young’s, which makes it the second time in a week I ate a huge mess of Hawaiian food. It was delicious.

Worked some crosswords while I ate, and read the news. I might have done some journaling. And of course I took a nice, long nap. It was rather heavenly.

The big project for Saturday was kulolo. I had a simple recipe from the IP group on FB. I had the ingredients. It’s basically grated taro, brown sugar, and coconut milk. I had a can of coconut oil cooking spray, which was a genius idea by the guy who developed the recipe (as I later told him) and that’s pretty much the dish. Combined the first three ingredients, sprayed a couple of aluminum foil mini loaf pans with the fourth, and stuck it in the Instant Pot for two hours.

It came out quite good. It’s a little sweet for me, so I’ll adjust the recipe, but it looks, tastes, and smells the way it’s supposed to, and I’m more than slightly pleased. I’m pretty sure I’ve found the potluck contribution I’ve been seeking. I envision bringing it in muffin cups in cubes or thick slabs.

While it was steaming under pressure, I played a stupid number of games of Tsum Tsum. I was close to the end of a timed event I really wanted to complete. It didn’t take as long as it should have, because I scored a lucky jackpot of coins (more than 71K after one game), which pushed me over the edge to my goal. Yay.

I’d brought home some kulolo from Young’s so I could do a side-by-side taste test, and you know, I like mine better. It has more of a caramelly flavor.

I have enough of the mixture to make another three or four mini pans, which I will do Monday. Not sure how long that stuff keeps in the fridge. It’ll be too much to consume by myself, so I’ll be passing it along. Perhaps to some friends at work.

Didn’t do too much texting Saturday. Sylvia to ask if she knew why the pau hana was canceled Friday. She didn’t. Stacia to respond to those silly signs in the Buzzfeed piece she sent me. Jennifer texted me some photos of gin and whisky in the Sake Shop. I’m still working on getting through everything in my cabinet, so I’m not in the market for any new bottles, but it’s nice to see what’s out there because I’m pretty much done with getting liquor from supermarkets.

I texted Crush Girl a photo of my kulolo. It was late, though, so I knew I wouldn’t hear back from her until later.

I might be a zombie Monday, because it’s creeping up on three o’clock Sunday night and I haven’t brushed my teeth yet. Ugh.

Hit me up in comments if you need someone to connect with. I’m serious. Don’t be a naked mole rat. I understand the temptation to burrow oneself into a cave. I’ve done it myself a few times in recent months. Just don’t.

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