Lockdown: Pi are round

I got up Sunday morning with only like three and a half hours of sleep because it was Pi Day. Hawaiian Pie Company does this annual mystery pie sale on March 14. You order the pie ahead of time and you don’t know what’s in the box until you open it. I ordered one for me and one for the office, and my pickup time was ten in the morning.

So while I was out, of course I grabbed breakfast from the Taco Bell drive-through. I also hit the ATM to get the rent and the a 7-Eleven to get a money order.

I read the news, did a crossword, and ate. Then it was back to bed for a few hours.

I went to the office to get some work done, stopping for gas on the way. I realized as soon as I got there that I didn’t have the stupid pie.

I was hungry, so I picked up a plate lunch from Grace’s on my way to the office. Figured I had to go home and come back anyway, so it didn’t matter when I did it. I ate as I updated software and edited a photo for a coworker (Photoshop works better when I’m in the office). I did a few other silly tasks I won’t get into.

Software took a long time to update, so after I ate was a good time to get the pie. I peeked. Chocolate chess pie. I’m glad mine wasn’t that — it looks too chocolatey for me. Mine was (I think) an apple pie. I haven’t cut into it yet.

Although I was mildly disappointed by how much time I spent at the office on a Sunday, I was pleased I got stuff done.

Came home and stayed up far too late. I don’t even remember what I did except I think it was usual late Sunday stuff.

Crush Girl and I texted a little. She didn’t recognize my photo as kulolo. So we talked about it a little. She later sent me a photo of what she was cooking. I think hers was better than mine.

Not much of a Sunday, really, except I think I got decent relaxation and was fairly productive. Still didn’t do any of the reading I really want to get to. Weekends are too short!

Don’t let go. The end (or at least an end) is in sight. And if you’re floating through it untethered, hit the comments. I’ll send you contact info and you can reach out in texts or whatever. I also have a few Clubhouse invites if you want one. iPhone people only, for now.

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