Lockdown: Fear! Does not exist! In this dojo! Does it?

Who has two thumbs and a sore arm where a second needle was inserted Monday afternoon? Yeah. This guy. It’s very late Monday night (nearly three in the morning) and I should have been in bed hours ago, but I’m morbidly staying awake to see when the side effects kick in. If they don’t by the time I post this, I’ll call it a day and see what the deal is when I wake up.

Thursday the 25th was a struggle. The week of sleep deprivation really caught up to me, but hallelujah: Friday was Prince Kuhio Day, a state holiday, so Thursday was Friday.

My supervisor needed the day off because she’d just had her second shot, so my three-meeting-day was down to two, and I had a mostly stress-free day working on my usual stuff. There was more newsletter work, and more discussion about upcoming proposals. I heard back from the program director of the thing I wrote the UH Hilo story about, and he seemed to be pleased.

The mid-day meeting was really a monthly lunch activity. Once a month, someone leads a little Zoom session teaching, informing, or demonstrating something fun or interesting. We’ve had little workshops on better phone photography, the many neato uses of tahini, and (this time) getting into gardening. I attend because it’s important to me my coworkers know I support them. Better team-building.

My late meeting was the big monthly advancement meeting, to which I’m not an active invitee. I’m invited to the meetings because I work so closely with the development officers on some of their projects, but the meeting’s not for me, so I get to participate passively.

After work I crashed hard, and when I woke up I didn’t get back to work as I usually do because it was the weeeeeeeeekeeeeeeend. I mostly just vegged. Watched a few episodes of Cobra Kai. Listened to podcasts. Since new music drops Fridays and late Thursday night is Friday everywhere else, I spun some new music.

New metal releases (on first look) didn’t seem that interesting, so I caught up on March releases outside the genre. Neil Young, live and solo. Amazing. Beautiful. Heartbreaking. Ringo Starr. Optimistic, somewhat insipid, unchallenging, and sweet. And only five songs, which I think is the sweet spot for new Ringo music every few years. Paul Stanley doing Motown covers. It sounds great but it’s not for me.

I didn’t know “Down by the River” was a Neil Young song. I knew it was a cover when I heard it on Indigo Girls’ 1200 Curfews live album, but I never looked up who they were covering. It’s on this new Neil Young album (recorded 1971; released 2021) and it’s freaking gorgeous.

Breakfast was lazy burritos. Lunch was hot dogs. Dinner was more waffles. Yeah, I pretty much ate the same stuff Thursday as Wednesday and it was great!

My goals for the weekend were many and not scribbled in blood, but the stuff I most wanted to hit were a trip to the beach, lots of reading, catching up on reviewing stuff, and some vegging with Cobra Kai.

Reid texted me to get the name of a former colleague I’m recommending. We had some talk in the Suzanne-Cindy group text about this Asian American march I wasn’t going to. Crush Girl and texted a bit during my late meeting.

I was spent. Wrung out. Went to bed too late but mostly happy because I was enjoying the further adventures of Daniel LaRusso and looked forward to three days off. Yay.

Hit me up in comments if you need someone to connect with! Don’t pandemic lonely!

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