Lockdown: Lazy burritos

It’s late Tuesday and still no real side effects, thirty-two hours after the injection. My arm where the needle went in is sorer than it was, but that’s it.

Not entirely true. I was reeeeally tired at the end of my workday today, so I locked up the house, brushed my teeth, and went to bed just after seven. But then I woke up at half past midnight ravenous, so I’m up now. Not exactly sleepy but definitely tired. Run-down. Is that the side effect or something else?

I woke up Friday morning (a state holiday!) with not enough sleep because I wanted the option of getting Taco Bell for breakfast. Quickly decided Taco Bell could wait for some other day and went right back to bed, where I stayed until the very late morning.

Lazy burritos for breakfast. Someone reminded me that I promised months ago to share my lazy burritos situation. I’m telling you, it’s one step more involved than opening a can of refried beans and spooning them into a flour tortilla, so don’t get excited.

Open a large can (twice the size of the regular can) of refried beans and dump its contents into an appropriately sized food storage container. I usually go with the vegetarian variety of refried beans. I like fat, but if I can choose veggie fat instead of animal fat, I might as well.

Mix in a whole can of Ro-Tel. That’s a specific brand of canned tomatoes and peppers. There are other brands and they work too, but not as well. So if you’re making the big bucks that I, a writer for a nonprofit, rake in, just get the Ro-Tel.

I have a jar of home-concocted chili powder which I will talk about another time. I usually don’t bother, but sometimes (as this week), I mix in a couple of tablespoons. If I have some leftover rice, I’ll stir some in too. It adds texture and extends the filling so I can have it for more days in a row. Before I was rolling in dough for being a writer in a nonprofit, I used a lot more rice. These days I use less, and I usually don’t use any at all. It’s carby enough, and beans are good carbs (because protein and fiber) while rice is just carbs, unless it’s brown rice, in which case it’s still carby but a bit better for you.

That’s it! Spread it on a flour tortilla, usually with a generous slice of extra-sharp cheddar and roll it up. I usually make two and stick them in the microwave oven on high for a minute. Keep the food storage container in the fridge for breakfast all week.

I considered filling a second container with scrambled eggs so I could make lazy breakfast burritos. I didn’t do it, despite picking up fresh eggs. Maybe this weekend.

I mostly vegged my day away and I’m only somewhat rueful. Worked a few crosswords, read a little. I can’t remember what I had for lunch, if I had it at all, but I had tofu stew for dinner and it was great.

Okay now it’s late Wednesday. I crawled into bed before finishing this, intending to rest just a little while, and it turned into hours. And when I got up I didn’t feel like writing.

Friday interaction. Crush Girl texted me to talk about this place where she was picking up dessert. We seldom text on weekends so it was a nice surprise. Jennifer sent me a short video of a local newscaster (my favorite, although I seldom watch her station) calling Kermit the Frog’s song “Rainbow Collection.” Of course I had to text Cathy to wish her a happy Prince Kuhio Day, her favorite Hawaii state holiday.

That’s it. Leave a comment if you’re in need of someone to connect with.

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