Lockdown: This is the way we wash our clothes

(so early in the morning)

Friday evening, about 10:45. I’m barely hanging on to consciousness but I need to stay up another hour or so in an effort to reset the body clock. I tried it last night, too, getting to bed at about half past midnight, but I woke up at 3:30 and stayed up until 6:30, kind of destroying the plan.

I’ve been dragging all week for lack of a good night’s sleep. It’s bad. No matter when I put myself to bed, I get up in the middle of the night and just can’t settle back in.

Or worse: I manage to stay awake all evening without a post-work nap, then when I struggle past the sleepiness, my brain finds this extra store of energy and I’m wide awake until late.

One of my principals at Assets was like this too. She said she always found a second wind at about 10:30, so she tried to be in bed before it kicked in.

Work was a mix of being very productive and not making the best use of my time this week. I did good work, and brought a few things across home plate, but I did it slowly in some cases. Crossed a bunch of new things right off the list, but some of the old things are nagging and lingering. Bleah.

But hey. One of my proposals, worked on for a couple of weeks, went to a donor who’s very open to a large gift we asked for. We’re talking millions. It’s still in the discussion stage, but when you ask someone for millions of dollars and the person doesn’t say no, you get a good feeling.

It helps that the fundraiser I worked with has been one of my cheerleaders. We bring this gift home and I’m going to get a little bit of the credit, which will be nice. I want to be good at this, and it helps when I have the confidence of the people I work with.

I didn’t get out at all during the work week. No beach time. No walks. Mostly because of my tiredness. I don’t think I did any reading either, except Wednesday morning when I went to the laundry. The one in Manoa, the one who changed its operating hours from open-all-night to last-wash-at-nine. Now that I’ve got those two shots in me and two weeks of getting my immunity built up, I felt okay going back to do a five a.m. wash. It wasn’t bad, either. A few other people in there, but we kept our distance and almost everyone had a mask worn properly.

The problem with going at 5 is I missed the overnight lunch menu at McD’s, and I was really looking forward to a Big Mac combo. I think they shift to the breakfast menu at 5, and I ordered a few minutes before 5. Must go a little earlier next time.

So I had an Egg McMuffin combo, which was still good, but I’d had one earlier in the week, too. Not the same.

I also read A Pho Love Story and am nearly done.

This week, someone asked if I’d seen Mythic Quest on Apple TV+. I’d heard of it but hadn’t investigated. The someone said she was interested. A couple of days later, she’d seen the whole first season (season 2 drops next month) and really liked it, and was looking for someone to talk about it with.

So yeah. I picked it up the other night and I’ve now seen five episodes. I do like it — it appeals to a certain geekiness in me. Reminds me a little of Silicon Valley, but there are elements reminding me also of Halt and Catch Fire and even Atlanta and Forever. Pretty dang good.

Coincidentally, Friday Apple dropped an eleventh episode, a special addition to season 1. Kind of cool — a new episode dropping right when I’m picking the show up, a year after its debut. And I got to break the news to the friend, who was pretty stoked to hear about it.

I listened to a ton of baseball, which means my podcast consumption has dropped off, and my music-listening, too. Although Liquid Tension Experiment dropped its third album Friday and I’ve had it on repeat all evening. I’m really digging it.

It wasn’t a very interesting food week. After the watercress tofu tomato onion salad, I didn’t try anything new. Made a couple of omelets with leftover salad ingredients. Had Taco Bell for breakfast Thursday. Got takeout from Bangkok Chef Thursday night, which meant Thai food for breakfast and lunch Friday. I’ll probably make fixings for lazy burritos sometime this weekend, and I have a couple of ideas for some new things to try in the IP.

My ambitions for this weekend are slightly less slothful than last weekend. I have a few things to do, and I’m hoping to visit the parents, perhaps bring some dinner over, now that we’re all post-vaccine. I may even skip going to the office. I got enough done and enough prepped for next week that I can give myself two days completely off from even thinking about work. Yay. We’ll see if I actually do it.

Okie dokie. Time for some teeth-brushing and then a hopeful trip to bed.

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