Lockdown: Pho what it’s worth

(I started this Tuesday afternoon and am only finishing it late Friday night. That kind of week.)

It was a pretty good weekend. I took my first, tentative, fully vaccinated, post-lockdown steps into society, sort of. Sleep continues to be an issue.

I got up early Saturday after only a few hours of sleep. I meant to, but I woke up earlier than planned and couldn’t get back to sleep. Again. I called my parents to let them know I was coming over Sunday just to hang out, and I’d pick up dinner on the way.

The Saturday Hawaiian plate ritual continues. I had some of it for breakfast as I listened to some baseball. Took a long nap. Finished the Hawaiian food for lunch. Did the usual Saturday stuff: crosswords, news, fantasy sports catchup, the Spelling Bee.

I drove to Keehi Lagoon again. Walked around the still-closed park as I read my Kindle. Took a few photos. Was shooed out by a police officer supervising that little tent village, but I still got a good hour of walking and nearly finished the novel.

I kind of wanted to stop somewhere for takeout but I just wasn’t hungry. As reluctant as I was to head home, that’s what I did. Tucked myself back into bed and finished A Pho Love Story.

Sunday I got up before sunrise and drove to the beach about an hour later than the Sunday before. The parking situation was more like what I expect on a Sunday morning, so at that hour, I didn’t get the good spots on the Kewalo end. Plenty of good spots on the Magic Island end, and I had a good swim. My body told me to go, unlike a week earlier, and it felt good. I actually hung out a little longer than usual, just enjoying being in the warm sun and salty ocean.

The Subway at the enormous shopping mall across the street had been closed for breakfast these past several month. It had actually been a few months since I drove past, and I wondered if it was back to normal hours.

It didn’t make it. The signage and decor were gone. Dang it.

So I hit the Jack-in-the-Box drive-though for a couple of breakfast biscuits and took them to the office. I had a few tasks to take care of but I didn’t settle in and actually do work. Just took care of the tasks, finished my breakfast, and got out.

Came home for a nap, then drove to Pearl City. Picked up takeout and visited the parents. It was nice to spend time with them again even though all we did was watch TV and eat dinner.

It was an okie dokie weekend. I’m eager to get the beach back into my routine, and I’m thinking about working in the office a couple of days a week beginning soon.

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  1. Sorry about your Subway.

    Our tentative return to work date is September 13th (and even at that it’ll be a 2 days in/3 days remote schedule) but I’m strongly considering going in once every 2 weeks in July and once a week in August to get back into the habit of creating a routine.

    1. Nice. And it makes sense. They haven’t given us an official date yet, but we’re being encouraged to gradually work ourselves back as we feel comfortable.

      They also released a table of options for working from home and working in the office. Full-time work-from-homers: you get computers and computer support. If you’re going to mostly work from home but hit the office a couple times a week: you get parking in a community stall, no personal cube or desk, work space in a general “hotel” cube, and of course computers and computer support. If you’re mostly going to work in the office, with a few days a month at home, you get what you had before: a reserved parking stall, your cube and desk, and all the computer stuff.

      The nonprofit I work for had been suuuuuper reluctant to explore options for working from home more than a couple of times a month, but it’s come around. This is encouraging.

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