Lockdown: How urgent our love can be

My sleep has been terrible lately. Although I’ve had sleep issues my whole life, something feels a little different about this, so I’m slightly concerned. Of course, everything feels different nowadays so maybe I should just ride it out.

You know how sometimes you don’t want to get started on Task A because you’ll have to interrupt your flow when Task B comes back to you for your turn at it? That was most of my Monday. I even got up early to be available for Task B. I can’t say I didn’t do anything, because I made good progress on Task C. But I really wanted to get into task A and didn’t put a dent in it. At around 3:30, I emailed the parties I waited on, saying, “Hiiiiii. How are we doing on this?”

How we’re doing is not submitting Task B, the thing I worked on most of my Sunday afternoon and evening. They’re going to work on it themselves some more then send it back to me who-knows-when to make it pretty.

I’m totally fine with it — I say this with complete sincerity. It’s the nature of the work and I’m here for it. I’m mostly annoyed with myself for not just getting into Task A, knowing that things like this happen.

As I’ve said, everything’s urgent. There are just different levels of urgency.

I took a couple of naps after work and then without really procrastinating (I mean, not really), I attacked the Monster and got a good chunk of it done. A few unexpected wrenches in the machine slowed me down so that what’s usually a ninety-minute task took me nearly three hours, but honestly, it was fine. I was happy to make progress, however slowly it came.

I neither walked nor read Monday. I was just too tired, especially after my Monster slaying.

For breakfast I had overnight oats. They were okay. For lunch, I stir-fried won bok, watercress, and baby bok choi and had it with lazy fried rice. It was a little tired, so I also threw in a can of chicken breast, which really brought it to life. I had the leftovers for dinner. I also snacked on a snack-sized bag of potato chips and had a few of the peanut butter Oreos. They’re getting stale; I’m not going to make it to the end of the package before they’re no good.

I traded some texts with Crush Girl and Ali about finally discovering who pulled a couple of pranks with my car last year. I knew it was Dave. When it first happened, once I realized it wasn’t someone at work, the two most likely candidates were Dave or JB, and JB is in Virginia. There was also a fair chance it might be Liz and Jamie, paying me back for a lot of stuff JB and I did to (for!) them in college.

Anyway, Dave outed himself on IG yesterday.

I texted Sharon late to talk more about Bloody Wednesday. I also got an email from one of the Bloody Wednesday victims. We exchanged some thoughts on writing and on the Scrivener application.

We put out our call for submissions for Hawaii Stories issue 2. It could be a good one.

The numbers keep climbing. The sports leagues keep insisting they’re going to play. The schools are opening. It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine.

Not really. But I am fine, at least for now. So if you’re in need of some connectivity, hit me up in the comments. I’ll send you my contact info and we can haha heehee hoho all the way to wherever the men in white suits take us.

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