Lockdown: Building a mystery

I wanted to do a million things Sunday and did a few of them, so it was a good day.

It started with not enough sleep. I fell asleep just fine, once I shut my book, but woke up at six after just a few hours of sleep, so I could do a quick check of the NFL news to see if I had to make any last-minute changes to my fantasy football lineups. I did get back to sleep but woke up at 7:30, too early after going to bed so late, but I got up.

I watched the Packers and Texans game while I did a little bit of writing. Read the news, ate a little bit of mochi, brainstormed a little for NaNoWriMo, which I think I am doing this year. I’m somewhat inspired by my reading this weekend.

Around 1:00, I headed for the office. They rescheduled the Raiders game and I stuck around to see if they were going to put it on TV, but alas. I stopped at Subway for a sandwich (footlong turkey on wheat), got to the office, and took care of some business.

A coworker mentioned she might be in the office Sunday too, and although I have done my best to avoid coworkers at all, which is why I go on Sundays, this coworker might have needed help getting into the building, which she did. So I brought some of my less-than-pretty mochi for her. I miss my coworkers!

I listened to the World Series game on the MLB app while I worked. It was good company. And it’s been a great World Series.

I was tempted to stop at the same Subway on my way home and get another sandwich. I enjoyed the heck out of the one I had for breakfast-lunch and although I wasn’t hungry yet, I knew I would be, since the sandwich and the few bites of mochi were all I’d had.

Instead I had some canned turkey chili (almost no fat) and leftover rice, and it was also quite enjoyable. And I read the rest of my book, the entire second half. It felt really good, like I rediscovered something special. I quickly emailed the writer, because I had a question about something before I wrote my review.

I did a couple of quick chores, the Monday NYT crossword (easy; I was annoyed that I finished in 5:05) and a little bit of planning for the week. Turned in a bit late, but happy to have made good use of my weekend.

I traded some texts with Penny about cozy mysteries. We share a weakness for them. I told her I’m planning to gift her this one I just read, in Kindle format when it officially drops. Crush Girl and I traded some texts about some stuff that’s frustrating her. I feel a little useless, completely unable to make her feel better about things, but I know it’s not my role to fix everything. Ali sent me a short video she shot of a strange Uber driver she had. We cracked a few jokes about that.

I’m not always quick to return a text, but if you need someone to connect with, I’m happy to connect too. I’m kind of a mess right now, seven months into this lockdown. I hate to think what I would be if I didn’t have good friends to trade silly messages with about work, books, Uber drivers, and food. It’s really making the difference for me, so if you could use a little, leave a comment and I’ll send you some contact info.

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