Lockdown: Sweet sounds comin’ down on the night shift

Okay. Writing about Wednesday on Saturday night. I’m falling further behind.

Started with a lot of emailing. We recently had some strategic planning consulting, and now we’re on the actual planning phase. Out leadership split the planning into five categories, assigned themselves to the categories they were into, and asked people to volunteer for the categories they were into.

So I emailed two of the leaders saying I was interesting in helping out in whatever way I could. I posted one story to the website then prepped another.

Okay pay attention (or don’t since I’m going to write the same thing about Thursday and maybe Friday). I’ve settled into a bad pattern of behavior here. Right after work I conked out, got up around nine, fixed dinner, and got back to work. I’ve been working so much better late at night lately that when it gets to that time of evening, I’m automatically thinking about what I can get done before bed.

It’s not good for me, although I think the work has been better than usual. My focus late at night is especially good. But then when I finally call it a night, I’ve got the munchies like crazy no matter what (or how much) I had for dinner.

And of course I can’t just go to bed after I spend a few hours working, despite being horribly tired and bleary-eyed. I’ve been crashing later and later.

All this means I have nothing interesting to say about Wednesday, and I probably won’t have anything interesting to say about Thursday either. Because most of my waking hours are spent working or vegging.

Wednesday’s breakfast was more of the lomi salmon. Still quite good. I skipped lunch, but I took a dinner break to pick up a UPS delivery I missed. UPS doesn’t make you drive to Lagoon Drive anymore, something I was unaware of. There’s a neighborhood access point, a small mom-and-pops grocery on Liliha Street I’ve patronized before.

I stopped at my favorite boba spot, which moved to Liliha Street from Kapiolani Boulevard a few months before the lockdown, picked up my package, and since it was right there, ordered a chili plate from the original L&L, which is right next door.

I’m pretty sure my late-night snack was a couple of quesadillas but I wouldn’t swear to it.

Texted a few follow-ups for people who hadn’t yet told me what they’re reading. The writing partner texted me a photo of a sign with unnecessary quotation marks. Crush Girl and I texted through the work day about a lot of stuff. Vaccinations, books, boba, and places to get lunch. She was good company.

If you’re reading this you’re still alive. Thank God. Half a million Americans and 44,000 Hawaii residents haven’t made it this far because of this stupid virus. Hopefully you’re surviving emotionally too. And if you’re not, smash that comment button and let me know if you’d like to connect.

“I wish you would step back from that ledge, my friend.”

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